Fully affiliated with the University of Toronto (U of T) Women’s College Hospital is a world-leading institute in health for women, health equity and health system solutions – a hospital designed to keep people out of the hospital with specialty clinics offering unique and one-of-a-kind experiences.

We’re proud to host over 1,400 students and learners per year from a variety of professions. We see these professions, ranging from non-clinical to clinical, as critical in shaping the future of healthcare. These learners have the opportunity to participate with world-class educators in the provision of high-quality person-centred care.

We invite you to engage with us in your learning journey.

To those joining WCH as a student or learner, welcome! We are thrilled you chose to continue your education with us, and we look forward to being part of your journey.

For all placements, a current Affiliation Agreement must be in place between Women’s College Hospital and the educational institution. An affiliation Agreement is a formal agreement that allows learners/students from the institution to come to our site for a placement for academic credit and training (clinical and non-clinical placement). To access a learner/student placement at Women’s College Hospital, students must be registered in any of our affiliated universities or colleges.

If you are a learner/student and are interested in engaging with WCH for a placement, practicum, co-op, or course, please work through your academic institution/your placement advisor. To determine if your institution has an affiliation agreement with us please contact your academic institution directly.

If one does not exist, the academic institution must send a written request regarding the placement at least 2 months before the placement’s start date to initiate the process. If unable to go through your academic institution/placement advisor, please contact the Learner Registration Office (

Learner/Student Registration System

Learners and students must be fully registered with our Student Registration System, NirvSystem, prior to their start date to avoid a delayed start. You will receive an automated welcome e-mail with your login ID, temporary password, and related details. Your school must confirm the placement in order to be invited to the registration system.


New learners/students complete required eLearning modules prior to their placement start date. If you have not received an email inviting you to our eLearning platform, Dual Code, please contact the Learner Registration Office ( for your login information.

First Week

Closer to your start date, you will receive information from the Learner Registration Office about your first day with information including your meeting point, short tour of our space, network access, your I.D. badge, locker assignment, and any additional training (for nursing, health disciplines, research, and non-clinical/corporate). Learners/Students are responsible for all financial costs related to transportation and parking.

Learner Experience Survey

At the end of your student placement, we ask you to complete our learner experience survey. The link to complete this survey will be e-mailed to you prior to your last day of placement. Please contact us if you did not receive the survey link. We value your feedback, which will help us evaluate and improve educational experiences for all future learners and students.

Education Awards

Education Awards recognize individuals who have made significant impacts related to educational programming. The Education Awards Committee meets in the winter and awards are announced annually in the spring.

Nomination categories include:

  • Teacher-Educator/Clinical Instructor/Preceptor Award
  • Interprofessional Education/Interprofessional Care Award
  • Education Innovation Award
  • Education Scholarship Award
  • Learner/Student as Teacher Award
  • Patient Education Award
  • Education Coordinator/Program Administrator Education Award

For more information regarding timelines and how to nominate an educator, preceptor, learner/student, or staff, please contact 

Can I find my own preceptor/supervisor?

Only some students may independently arrange their own placement without going through their academic institution. For example, students in programs requiring a student-driven placement can contact

I am coming to WCH for my placement, do I need to bring my own PPE?

If PPE is required, it will be supplied by the departments where your rotation is occurring. If you have concerns, please speak to your supervisor or contact us.

What will my schedule be?

Learners’ schedules usually follow the same schedule as the Supervisor. You can discuss schedules with your supervisor on your first day.

What spaces are available for learner/student use? Our department strives to create a welcoming environment for learners and students. Visit us on the second floor, where you will find the Learner Lounge, Health Science Library, and Computer Lab.

We provide non-clinical opportunities for students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs.

Departments providing opportunities include:

  • Archives
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Information Management/Information Technology
  • Operations

For more information about available opportunities, please contact the Learner Registration Office

Women’s College Hospital provides placements for both Undergraduate and Post Graduate Nursing students. The availability of placements varies depending on the semester.

Nursing students can only complete a placement at Women’s College Hospital if there is a current Academic Affiliation Agreement between our organization and the student’s educational institution. Please contact your school’s placement coordinator to confirm for more information.

Prior to a placement, notifications are sent to the schools to confirm placements via email/HSPNet (Health Sciences Placement Network)

As one of the sites for the University of Toronto’s Peters-Boyd Academy, we are the primary site for educational activities such as case-based learning, clinical skills training, workshops, and OSCE examinations.

Requests for clinical rotations or electives are arranged by the University of Toronto. The Medical Education Office and Academic Coordinators across WCH work together to coordinate rotations throughout the academic year.

Note that all medical trainees must register with the Medical Education office ( prior to their rotation.

For clinical research fellowships, please contact the Learner Registration Office (

Please note that observerships are not coordinated through the Learning Institute. Observerships in medicine are coordinated through the Department of Medical Affairs. Observerships for nursing and health disciplines are coordinated through the Department of Professional Practice.

If you are unsure if your training is considered an observership at WCH, please contact the Learner Registration Office (

Working with the Research Operations and Women’s College Research Institute, we facilitate the research trainee experience. This includes onboarding, offboarding, and being the primary contact for student needs relevant to the hospital.

A trainee includes:

  • A student enrolled in an academic program or course which requires them to participate in a practicum/placement/co-op, and who is being supervised by WCH Clinician/Scientist.
  • A current graduate student (Masters/PhD) being supervised by WCH Clinician/Scientist.
  • A Post-Doctoral Fellow (who has concluded their PhD) working under a WCH Clinician/Scientist.
  • A medical student participating in a research block, or conducting research work as part of their training. Note: Medical students who are doing research work as part of their training, but are not required to do so expressly by their program MAY be eligible for onboarding as a trainee

Trainees are not WCH employees or volunteers. Trainees are engaged for the purpose of training and academic credit. Some trainees may be paid via stipend.

*Medical students who are doing research work as part of their training but are not required to do so expressly by their program MAY be eligible for onboarding as a trainee. Please see guidelines below:

  • They must be University of Toronto undergraduate medical students, or registered through the University of Toronto – as WCH is affiliated with the University of Toronto, we can accept their students;
  • They must provide proof of enrollment in the medical school program and their current year of study;
  • They must provide a current copy of their CV;
  • Their engagement can only be for the duration of the academic year.
  • For Pre-clerkship Year 1 and Pre-clerkship Year 2: Beginning of September to 30 May (or any period between).
  • For Clinical Clerks Year 3 (CC3) and Clinical Clerk Year 4 (CC4): Beginning of July to 30 June (or any period between).
  • If the student does not fulfill the above, they cannot be onboarded through the Learning Institute.

To start the onboarding process for a Research Trainee, please complete the Research Trainee Intake Form. To help expedite the process, also email to confirm successful submission.

Required Documentation:

  • Current CV
  • Proof of enrollment, award, or completion, such as one or more of the following:
    • Proof of enrollment in course/program which requires them to participate in a practicum/placement/experiential learning OR proof of enrollment in their Masters or PhD program requiring a research/thesis component (e.g., Letter of Registration, completed course registration form)
    • Evidence of completion of PhD (for a Postdoctoral Fellow)
    • Letter indicating receipt of a research training program and/or award
  • Their Supervisor’s name
  • Prospective start and end date of engagement – best if this is outlined in the information provided by the academic institution. The dates and details of the trainee’s engagement must match any back up documentation you provide. All documentation should be provided a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the expected start date, but if it is available, it can be provided sooner.
  • Total stipend amount if applicable. Stipends are paid out on a monthly basis.
  • Cost centre that will cover the cost of the stipend.

If you are unsure with what documentation is required, please contact us.

Once all documentation is received, the Letter of Engagement can be drafted for the research trainee which acts as their contract.

Below is a summary of the onboarding process for research trainees and the contacts involved.

  1. Trainee and Supervisor initiate the Onboarding Process: Once the trainee and supervisor jointly agree to engage in a practicum/placement/co-op, submit your required documentation through the Research Trainee Intake Form and notify the Education Coordinator, Nursing, Health Disciplines, and Research
  2. Collect required forms and documentation: Once drafted, the letter of engagement is sent to the supervisor and/or their delegate (e.g., Research Manager) for review, and signature of the supervisor. The letter along with the other required onboarding documentation is sent directly to the trainee for their review and signature.
  3. Prepare and provide network credentials for access and onboarding: After receiving all forms and documentation before the start date, we will provide the student with the following, if relevant to the role:
    • WCH email and network access
    • Security ID badge form
    • Setup trainee for E-Learning courses
    • If paying a stipend, the stipend request will be processed and will require additional signatures from the cost centre owner.

All forms and documentation must be signed and provided by the trainee at least 1 week before the start date. The trainee must also fulfill requirements by Occupational Health, Safety and Wellness. Late completion of onboarding requirements will lead to delays.