Nya Blades

Nya Blades, seen from the chest up, wearing a blue t-shirt and long black hair

Name: Nya Blades

Researcher/Supervisor: Dr. Tim Dwyer

Area of Research: Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

Nya Blades, seen from the chest up, wearing a blue t-shirt and long black hair

What sparked your interest in healthcare?
I am interested in healthcare because I want to reduce and minimize suffering in people’s lives. I’ve always felt like becoming a healthcare professional would fulfil my lifelong goal of giving back to my community and to those around me. Also, I love that the professions within healthcare are so broad and constantly developing because I want a job where I can help, teach, and learn every day.

What interests you most about the area of research you’re working in and why? 
I am working in Orthopedics & Sports Medicine. The aspect of this research that interests me most is the diverse range of injuries that an athlete can receive in just their knee alone. I play sports and before conducting my research at WCH, I never knew how broad the list of sports injuries could be. It’s also interesting to see the different types of surgical procedures and techniques each orthopedic surgeon uses to correct and fix injuries. 

 What has been your favourite/most enjoyable part about being in ESSP? 

My favorite part about ESSP has been the opportunities, hands-on experience and mentorship I have received while working here. Although I was only here for a short period of time, I was able to watch surgeries in person and shadow surgeons and residents as they completed clinical rounds. This gave me insight on how to engage with patients and the different methods physicians can utilize to help patients feel more comfortable. 

Share a fun fact or surprising discovery you stumbled upon during research that made you say, “Wow, I didn’t see that coming!” 

I analyzed the popularity of different surgical technique videos, and I was shocked to find out how popular ACL reconstruction is. I found hundreds of videos showing many different techniques on ACL reconstruction surgeries that came from all over the world.

What are your goals for the future and how do you envision leveraging your experiences from this program to contribute to that? 

I want to continue to be part of research teams and conduct research throughout university. I find it incredibly interesting and eye-opening because you’re always bound to find something shocking. I will continue to use the skills that my team at WCH has taught me, including the different methods for gathering information and what to do when you’re stuck during a project. Research can be very tedious, but it is always worth it because it advances the knowledge within healthcare. I’ve learned that research alone can make healthcare advancements in the world!