Launching a Study or Project

Project Launch

Project Launch is a multi-phased program currently under development at Women’s College Hospital that aims to streamline existing processes to enable anyone at the organization to initiate a research, scholarly quality improvement, education scholarship and/or program evaluation project or study.

The Project Launch process has four distinct steps, they include:

  • Step 1: WCH Initiation Form (Available Now)
  • Step 2: Reviews and Approvals
    • Part I: Pre-Consultation/Initial Assessment (Under Development)
    • Part II: Service Providers Impact (Available Now)
    • Part III A: Scientific Review (Available Now)
    • Part III B: Departmental Feasibility (Available Now)
    • Part IV: Financial Review (Under Development)
  • Step 3: Ethics & Contracts
  • Step 4: Institutional Approval (Under Development)

For a more detailed outline of Project Launch please see our overview document:

For ACCESS: Please contact the REDCap Office for an external REDCap login or project access: Once you have access, click below to any of the sections.

NOTE: We greatly appreciate your support and feedback as we continue to develop each step within Project Launch. Please submit all feedback to Evelina Rutkowski, Project Manager at

Step 1: WCH Initiation Form

Academics has developed an electronic tool to help teams successfully initiate projects and studies at WCH. Please note that the PI or Project Lead will require a WCH email address to proceed further beyond this tool.

The tool or initiation form is comprised of a series of survey questions specific to the team’s project or study concept. It will help determine what resources a team needs to move forward and begin their study or project.

Once the form is completed an automatic checklist is generated outlining key contacts, links, resources, and other essential information to launch a project or study. Information from the initiation form will never be collected or fed into other systems, so teams can use it as many times as they’d like to explore different options or scenarios for their project or study.

Step 2: Reviews & Approvals

The Central Form within Project Launch accessed via REDCap encompasses all sections for Step 2: Reviews & Approvals:

  • Part I: Pre-Consultation/ Initial Assessment (under development)
  • Part II: Service Providers Impact (available below)
  • Part III A: Scientific Review (available below)
  • Part III B: Departmental Feasibility (available below)
  • Part IV: Financial Review (under development)

Part II: Service Providers’ Impact

This mandatory section allows you to electronically submit your Impact Analysis forms for Medical Imagining, Laboratory Services, Pharmacy, and/or Strategic Communications for review and approval. This new approach will aim to standardize and streamline our current processes.

Please have the latest draft of your protocol ready to attach.

Note: Strategic Communications is required to review and approve all recruitment materials that will be used to recruit patients/members of the public (e.g., posters, social media, web content, etc.) prior to REB Submission

Part III A: Scientific Review

This mandatory electronic format now replaces the paper-based ‘Scientific Review’ form to help drive greater efficiency across processes. Completing the Central Form and including your list of internal and external reviewers, will trigger an email notification to be sent directly to the reviewers.

Reviewers can access the ‘Scientific Review’ form simply by clicking on a survey link:

Part III B: Departmental Feasibility  

This is a NEW electronic process aimed to assess clinical impact(s) in the following clinical areas:

  • Anesthesia
  • Primary Care
  • Gynecology
  • Perioperative Services
  • Mental Health
  • Specialized Medicine

Upon your electronic submission, a notification will be sent to both the Clinical Director and Department Head of the relevant clinical area(s) for their review and feedback.

Please note that you will be required to have had prior consultation with a member of the clinical team (and include their name) as part of the electronic form submission.

Feedback is encouraged to refine the process and tools, and comments on the new forms and process should be sent to Evelina Rutkowski, Project Manager, at