Sophie Grigoriadis, MD, PHD

Adjunct Scientist, Women’s College Hospital Research and Innovation Institute

Dr. Grigoriadis is a psychiatrist with expertise in the area of depression across the lifespan, and has also completed a PhD in Psychology (clinical program). Her research interests include the interplay between neuroendocrinology and clinical psychiatry in the development and presentation of mood disorders throughout a woman’s reproductive lifespan. She is also interested in differences in the presentation and response to antidepressant medications among women of various ages. She is currently leading several studies including a study looking at the effect of the menstrual cycle on the symptoms of depression and on a woman’s response to treatment. She is also part of the CIHR mentoring program fostering the development of randomized controlled trials for women with postpartum depression. Dr. Grigoriadis’s earlier research focused on psychopathology and appropriate psychological test design, culminating in a dissertation investigating the causes of inconsistency on psychological tests.

MD, McMaster University, 1997

PhD, Psychology, Queen’s University, 1994

  • Mental health
  • Women’s reproductive lifespan