Celebrating the New Academics at WCH  

At Women’s College Hospital (WCH), our commitment to research, care and practice is what drives us. From new scientific discoveries to leveraging grants for enhanced patient care, we lead in groundbreaking innovation. This wouldn’t be possible without our people, partnerships and progressiveness.

On March 27, WCH staff, physicians, trainers and learners came together to celebrate the re-structuring of Academics.

As part of the new Academic Department’s strategic framework, three distinct pillars have been introduced:  

  1. The Research & Innovation Institute
  2. The Learning Institute
  3. The Learning Health System Collaboratory

The Research & Innovation Institute combines all research teams to form a robust landscape that will allow for more dedicated and streamlined processes. This will keep WCH on the pulse of an ever-evolving healthcare system.

The Learning Institute will leverage existing expertise to modernize and expand WCH’s educational programming and infrastructure, strengthening both learning and teaching capacity.

The Learning Health System Collaboratory will evolve WCH into an organization where all staff, physicians, trainees and patients can foster a culture of learning and improvement to impact better patient outcomes and experience.

“It was great to connect with others across the organization to gain a better appreciation of how different groups across WCH intersect within Academics,” says Katharine Schwartz, director of research and operations at WCH. “The new portfolio allows us to work together and share ideas more effectively. It’s been great to have the shared perspectives as we work together as a team.”

This new restructuring will allow for greater efficiency and engagement within WCH and beyond. By continuously finding ways to enhance research and learning processes, we are better positioned to make strides in academia, quality improvement, teaching, mentorship, practice and collaboration.