Grants Office

The WCH Grants Office provides support and administration for all research grants and awards. In any instance where a grant or award requires an institutional authorization, applicants are required to submit materials to the Grants Office in a timely manner (see below). The Grants Office can facilitate the following activities related to grants and awards at the associated phases:


  • Proposal and content development
  • Institutional authorization
  • Editorial review
  • Budget development
  • Risk analysis
  • SGBA+ Consultation
  • Funding communications and searches
  • Agency communications and liaisons
  • Boilerplate templates and application development resources (available upon request)

Award Finalization:

  • Grant agreements (in association with Research Contracts)
  • Cost centre setup (in association with Research Finance)
  • Liaise with internal and external partners to onboard funding


  • Extension period for the Authority Use of Grant Funds
  • Change of primary administered institution for a grant
  • Changes to individuals on the grant team
  • Termination of a grant

If you wish to be added to our funding newsletter mailing list, please contact Nicole Do.

All signature requests for grants and awards must be accompanied by the following items, received 10 business days in advance of the agency/sponsor deadline:

  • Proposal (draft)
  • Budget
  • Budget justification
  • Partnership details (including letters of support, if available)
  • Signature pages
  • Completed and Signed Research Activity Form (RAF) (see Forms, below)

Extension Period and Requests For The Authority To Use Grant Or Award Funds

As per the Tri-agency Guide on Financial Administration, the authority use of grant funds from CIHR, NSERC, and SSHRC, may be extended by the relevant agency to allow grant recipients to bring research activities to a full close.

CIHR grants have an automatic one year no cost-extension and grant recipients may request for an additional calendar year extension from the automatic extension by submitting the Grant Amendment Form (see Forms, below).

Salary Awards have an automatic extension beyond the expiry date for the Research allowance of an award by three months. Recipients can request further extensions by submitting the Grant Amendment Form that is not bound by the fiscal year.

Please send all completed Grant Amendment Forms to Nicole Do ( The following table also summarizes extensions for CIHR grants:

Table: Extensions for CIHR Grants

Programs with automatic extensions Duration Notes
Applicable to all CIHR grant funding opportunities 1 fiscal year (i.e., up to March 31 of the next full fiscal year; if an end date is September 30, 2019, the automatic extension period will end on March 31, 2021) Grant recipients may submit a request for an extension to the automatic extension for 1 calendar year (i.e., 12 months), under the following circumstances only:

  • Extended leaves of absence during the grant period
  • Uncontrollable delays to funded research/activities

Grant recipients can submit another grant application and hold a new grant during the extension period.

For extensions regarding grants from other agencies (i.e., non-CIHR), please refer to the contract or agreement, or reach out to Monica Bustos or Nicole Do.

To ensure that your research is compliant with the STRAC policy, please use the following flow chart to help you determine if an attestation form will be required:

The list of Sensitive Technology Research Areas (STRA) can be found here: Sensitive Technology Research Areas (

The list of Named Research Organizations (NRO) can be found here: Named Research Organizations (

If your grant application will aim to advance any Sensitive Technology Research Areas and does not include researchers with affiliations, or in receipt of funding or in-kind support, from a Named Research Organization(s), please ensure that a completed Sensitive Technology and Affiliations Concerns Attestation Form (see Forms, below) is submitted with a completed RAF in addition to the final grant application submission.


For additional information, please contact: