Meet Celia Laur

Implementation science studies how to effectively integrate evidence-based interventions or practices into real-world settings like healthcare systems.

Celia Laur headshot

Celia Laur started as a postdoctoral researcher at Women’s College Hospital in 2018. As an implementation scientist and health services researcher, Celia strives to turn research projects into sustainable programs for healthcare settings, with the goal of enhancing outcomes for both patients and the public.

Q&A with Celia

1. What excites you the most about working at WCH?
I really enjoy how my job lets me learn from lots of different people about a variety of topics. Being based in a hospital means I have the opportunity to connect the research evidence with some of the day-to-day workings of the hospital. Ideally, this connection can benefit patients and staff throughout the hospital. 

2. How does your research contribute to making a positive patient experience?
By understanding the details of how healthcare programs work, I aim to find ways to make it easier for those programs to be accessed by more patients in more locations. I hope my work can have a positive impact on patients at WCH and throughout the healthcare system.

3. What do you hope to achieve while working at WCH?
I hope to develop a research program that improves how we introduce successful healthcare programs to different populations or settings. My aim is to learn from existing programs and diverse perspectives, leveraging varied experiences and expertise. By applying this learning, I hope to bolster programs for a greater impact, benefiting patients, healthcare professionals and the broader public.

4. Tell us one thing your colleagues would find surprising about you.
Before starting my PhD, I lived in England for 5 years where I studied, worked, and travelled around Europe. I didn’t like tea before I moved to England, but now I drink it all the time!