Recommendations for Action to Tackle the Loneliness Epidemic Among Older Adults in Canada

The loneliness epidemic is rapidly spreading across Canada, particularly affecting older adults and vulnerable populations. While other regions of the world have started to take action to address loneliness in meaningful ways; in Canada, we are falling behind, with no comprehensive national policy framework to strengthen social connection among older adults.

Women’s Age Lab has developed a policy brief addressing this critical issue and providing actionable recommendations. With Canada ranking the loneliest of 11 comparator developed nations, this brief underscores the need for a robust public health solution, including awareness campaigns and empowerment initiatives.

Now is the time for collective action. Join us in advocating for a more connected, healthy Canada.

Core Insights and Recommendations

Explore our concise info-sheet for a snapshot of key takeaways from the policy brief. You can download and print this document.

Communications Package

Looking for ways to share this brief? Our comprehensive Communication Package is designed to streamline the dissemination of our policy brief across various platforms. This resource is crafted to empower your organization with the necessary messaging and graphics, ensuring a consistent and impactful communication strategy

About the Intersectoral Collaboration on Loneliness

In 2022/3, Women’s Age Lab assembled an Intersectoral Collaboration for Loneliness (ISC), led by Dr. Rachel Savage. The ISC is a national collaboration of 14 local, provincial, and national organizations to address loneliness in Canada. Leading experts, including researchers, clinicians, advocates, and health and social service providers provided their specialized opinions in the space of loneliness. This group also included policy-makers and persons with lived experience in order to understand the landscape as well as the lived experience of the population addressed. The recommendations provided in this brief were born out of facilitated discussions with the ISC on the most pressing issues to address loneliness in Canada, and current gaps and challenges.

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